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帖子发表于: 星期四 八月 23, 2007 12:08 pm    发表主题: 2007-2008学年学生会活动安排(转发) 引用并回复

Aloha Dear CSSAUH Students and Scholars,

Hope every thing is going well with you at this busy beginning of Fall
2007 semester. The Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the
University of Hawai'i (CSSAUH) would like to extend its warmest greetings
to all Chinese students/scholars of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The CSSAUH is a self-governed entity run by the UH Chinese Students and
Scholars. It is an officially registered independent organization of
UH Chinese students and scholars. All of its officers are the
volunteers. To learn more about the CSSAUH, please go to its web site:

Many of you, especially those who have just joined the UH community,
might have an interest in knowing what events and activities will take
place in connection with the CSSAUH in the following months. Some of you
have already made inquiries about this.

As the president of the CSSAUH, I would like to brief about what events
and activities the CSSAUH will be working on during my tenure which
starts form Fall 2007 and ends by the end of Spring 2008. Here are the
major events and activities that the CSSAUH will be sponsoring or
co-sponsoring in this academic year.

1. Annual Picnic for new Chinese students, to be hosted by the Hawaii
US-China Friendship Association, on Sept. 9, 2007, 11:00 am to 3:00 PM
Place: McCoy Pavilion, at Ala Moana Park, next to the tennis courts.
Features: food, fun, and games with prizes.

2. Moon Festival Celebration Picnic, to be held on the beach in the
mid- September, 2007. (to be decided);

3. National Day Celebration, to be held on campus Orvis Auditorium on
September 28, 2007 6pm -8:30pm, features: foods, performances (to be
decided on details);

4. Christmas and New Year Celebration (to be decided on details);

5. Spring Festival Celebration, (to be decided on details);

6. Meeting with Chinese entrepreneurs and community leaders, some time
in the Spring 2008, (to be decided on details);

7. Other leisure and academic activities as needed.

This is a tentative agenda as most of the events need to be finalized
in terms of their dates, venues and other details. However, the CSSAUH
is open and serious to all suggestions, new ideas and initiative on this

In order to make all events/activities happen, the CSSAUH needs you to
get involved in the planning, organizing, coordinating and facilitating
all events and activities. Please note that a new leading team needs
to be formed to make the CSSAUH function in full capacity as soon as
possible for the service of our UH Chinese Students/Scholars community.
The CSSAUH is still in the process of recruiting officers for this
purpose. Please write to me at wumauer@hawaii.edu if you want to help the
CSSAUH out. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Wish you all have a wonderful experience in your academic career as a
student or scholar at the University of Hawaii.

Thank you.

The Chinese Students/Scholars Association of the University of Hawaii
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帖子发表于: 星期六 四月 11, 2009 12:36 am    发表主题: 引用并回复

拜读了 强 很强 很强大 楼主辛苦了 o(∩_∩)o...哈哈

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